We follow the 4-step process which ensures that all the details are looked over carefully while your business is liquidating the electronic assets. You can count on Pleasanton E-waste for top-grade services from the beginning till the end. We guarantee you the peace of mind and hassle free services. Our aim is to make sure that electronic waste recycling becomes easy for you. We have experienced and highly professional employees who take care of this smoothly.

Electronic Recycling

Why Need to Recycle?

The electronic equipment contains some harmful materials that are capable to cause damage to the environment. These materials can also prove hazardous to humans in the future. The landfills in the country are rapidly getting filled up with the waste materials and they may prove harmful in the future. On the other hand, recycled items are eco-friendly as they do not pose any threats. Recycling helps in creating new jobs, making new products, and energy conservation.

Landfills are not safe

The electronic items contain hazardous materials, which when buried get released. This not only poses threat to the future generations but to the present one as well. The waste items are usually non-biodegradable and include materials such as plastic, lead solder, lead, chromium, copper, cadmium, nickel, and even mercury.

Data Destruction

Trashing the electronic storage items does not necessarily destroy the data and personal information in it. At Pleasanton E-waste, safe destruction of your data is our topmost priority. Whether you are looking for printer, scanner, computer, server, or hard drive destruction, we do it all for you.

It is important to get rid of the data in the electronic storage devices. If the data gets compromised then it may affect the reputation of your company and may also cost you a lot of money. Not destroying the data is also the violation of federal and state regulations.

We provide a wide range of data destruction services from hard drive overwriting in our safe labs to physical destruction of the storage devices. We provide both offsite and onsite services.

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